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eCommerce (Shopping Cart)

Absolute Networks eCommerce/Shopping Carts

If you have product to sell, an eCommerce site is what you need. Regardless of your needs, we can build it.

Often times, companies with a small number of products is best served with a low cost hosted solution built on top of a static html site. A "hosted" solution is where your site uses a 3rd party system to process orders. The advantage to this is it can be built into any site and the expense of developing a custom shopping cart system is not needed. Hosted solutions can cost a little more for the monthly fee but it is not significant.

The other end of the spectrum is a full blown custom shopping cart system designed specifically for your company/products. Generally all order processing is managed on your domain (or our shared secure server domain). Custom shopping carts are more expensive to develop but what you get is definitively your corporate look and feel throughout the entire shopping experience.